Models of VR1 and VR2 Glasses: Characteristics and differences

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PS4 VR glasses are an accessory that evolved the gameplay experience more realistic than ever giving a visual and sensory together with other items that complement the virtual reality.

Glasses V1 and V2 are the Sony models that currently exist generally have many similarities, the model V1 was the first proposal launched to the market with all its essential functions and model V2 with almost the same features, but with some improvements with respect to V1.

Technical Characteristics

✔️ Advantages V1
– Cheaper
– Almost same characteristics than V2
Disadvantages V1
– NO Microphone
✔️ Advantages V2
– Microphone
– Slim wires
Disadvantages V2
– More expensive

This model was the first virtual reality glasses with a resolution of 1080, it has a screen of nearly 6 inches, comes in presentations black and white, has a field of view 100 degrees with a tracking angle 360 ​​degrees, plus has HDMI and USB, audio and 3D features are light to serve comfort to the user connections.
With an ergonomic structure end up being the perfect design provides comfort for their weight and shape, the wires are thin and practical, has tracking swivel 360 degrees, 100 degrees of vision thanks to sensors LED light available, one PS camera that offers different advantages in the virtual world for live broadcasts or record the move in and out of the screen has a screen of nearly 6 inches.
Has HDMI and USB connection, changes in the handset and its weight is approximately 600 grams, has some improvements in the design and connection HDR processing unit.

These glasses have almost the same features, only there were small changes in the model VR2 relative to the VR1 were improvements in some respects however, a considerable difference between these is the HDR connection which allows transfer to an HDR TV as they are compatible.

When the first model had to adapt a cable to enjoy this feature, you do not have a TV with this feature the first version of glasses with virtual technology it will do the same work, high quality and at a lower price, also get some modifications of the model VR2 in the handset, where wiring is now integrated into the same receptor.

After the launch of the VR1 VR2 glasses they are a bit cheaper, to making a comparison of each must be considered is sought and that account in order to make the right choice when buying.

Each of these glasses has advanced features and peculiarities that serve a different feeling in each game, both including camera and a clear view of each game is a different alternative to break the barriers between the virtual and the physical as well enjoy different adventures from inside each game, designed for children and adults offered by the PS4 VR.

Sony - PlayStation VR Casco De Realidad Virtual + VR Worlds + Cámara (PS4)
  • Funciones 3D audio, Social Screen
  • Campo de visión 100 grados aproximadamente
  • Interfaz de conexión HDMI y USB
  • Con PlayStation VR para PlayStation 4 descubrirás una ventana a nuevas realidades
  • PlayStation VR con una pantalla OLED de 5,7"
Sony - PlayStation VR + VR Worlds + Cámara (PS4)
  • Juego VR Worlds, gafas VR y cámara
  • Es para PS4
  • Es de la marca Sony
Sony - PlayStation VR + Cámara + VR Worlds
  • Cámara y VR gafas
  • Para Playstation
  • Es de la marca Sony

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