Elements to play PS4 VR

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If playing a video game is an incredible experience to complement imagine this practice with other accessories that make the game something extraordinary. The 100% mandatory elements to play are the PS4, the glasses, the camera and some game!

Technology every time progresses more and there are many new ways offered to experience video games at a higher level, there are not only items for consoles if there is not also for computer and phone, each with different dimensions and functions that they adapt to the element where its function will complement and facilitate the game.

PS4 VR glasses:

This is a product that undoubtedly evolved world of gamers, so it is first on our list of special items to enhance the experience of the game, it was great to immerse yourself in the game from your seat to the screen, now that barrier does not exist, these glasses allow you a total immersion, with a field of view of 100 degrees and 360 degrees with built-in camera, excellent graphics and a fairly modern style of play.

Camera PS4 VR (PS camera)

This camera is an indispensable complement to enjoy the maximum virtual reality lets you visually and aurally connect with other players at a distance, you can document the game and make live broadcasts of high quality, wireless, facial recognition and voice, is compact and practical to place it in a good place.

AIM Playstation controllers

Advanced functions are virtual reality and sensors PS4 specific features that serve a full immersion in the game, from the tangible. It is a weapon simulator for shooting games, with a sphere of light to point shot, has adapted and vibrates with every flush to give a real sense control.

Sony - PlayStation VR Aim Controller
  • Integrated motion sensor and trackable sphere work with the PlayStation Camera to deliver...
  • Engage the enemy and your surrounds in whole new ways as the unique, ergonomic design...
  • With a range of compatible games available and more incoming, the PS VR aim controller's...

The move command

It is an accessory that allows you to interact in real time with the game thanks to motion sensors, they can be used 4 in a game and perform the same function of the Wii Remote.


The 3DRudder is another important item to delimit the space VR, consists of a base with motion sensors that record each change of position in the game.

3dRudder para PlayStation VR (PS4)
  • 3dRudder PS VR es el controlador de movimiento con los pies para PlayStation VR. Producto...
  • El controlador de movimiento con los pies 3dRudder se usa sentado y en combinación con el...
  • Libertad de movimientos: 3dRudder te permite avanzar o retroceder, ir a la izquierda o la...
  • Manos libres para la acción: usa los pies para moverte y así tendrás las manos libres...
  • Compatible con más de 30 juegos de PlayStation VR: Space Junkies, Immortal Legacy,...

Games for PS4 VR

There are different types of play according to each category, there are for children and adults with history or objectives, some of these games are Resident VIL 7 VR remains an excellent choice, the line of terror into a zombie story displayed in first, with high quality graphics in a complete history of action.

  • Fartpoint with the aim command control is best virtual reality concentrates, offers different types of weapons to shoot fulfilling different objectives.
  • VR Driveclub It is a driving simulator at racetracks that blends perfectly with the VR style, high quality with different types of cars to compete.
  • Everybody’s Golf VR excellent for the little ones, a sports game full of colors and sensations that will make you feel on the field.

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